Technology Merges with Creativity at the SST Northwest Art Show

Our Kindergarten through Fifth Grade Spring Art Show was one to remember! Countless art pieces hung proudly on display in our gym, as it provided a place-setting for our exceptional gallery. It's undeniable; there are artists amongst our very own Narwhals. 

Aside from the unique pieces up for display, our art show was available as a virtual art show! At SST Schools, we strive to blaze trails, and we did just that by displaying our student's work in a virtual art gallery made just for us. Artome is "the most experienced Art Show partner for elementary schools and preschools." It is a fundraising service that allows schools to host and facilitate an art show for their school. 

Students displayed their art proudly on a virtual, personalized website where parents and guests could admire and purchase their work. This practice allowed for students to exercise their creativity and stimulate their imagination while learning about unlikely collaborations amongst two differing fields: tech & art. 

As with many of what happens at SST Northwest, we could not have done it without the support of our incredible SST Parents. Snacks and refreshments were available thanks to the generosity of our Narwhal parents. If you are a prospective parent and want to learn more about becoming a Narwhal, check out our calendar for our next open house or campus tour. We'd love to see you there!


Special thanks to our art teacher, Mrs. McMahan, for fostering creative minds.