Representative Phillip Cortez Visits SST Northwest's Wax Museum of Heart and Innovation

SST Northwest hosted an exciting and immersive education lesson earlier this week, and Representative Philip Cortez couldn't resist the invitation! This year's Wax Museum required students to research a historical figure who presented heart and innovation. Students dressed up as the historical figures and explained who they were in a short presentation. 

The lesson was part of an overarching thematic lesson where students are encouraged and taught positive morals and character traits in school. Armed with good character and creativity, students applied their knowledge and skills and embodied the historical figure they researched while presenting "themselves" to judges and guests. One student even introduced herself to Rep. Phillip Cortez simply as Helen Keller! 

From Thomas Edison to Serena Williams, Representative Phillip Cortez had plenty to learn from at this Wax Museum. After each student presented, he gifted the student with a Fiesta Medal. Students welcomed a local leader as they, themselves, embodied one.