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Principal's Message

Mrs. Romero
SST Northwest Principal 
The education of our children is something that I know weighs heavily on all parents and families. It is a life-long investment you are making when you choose a school for your child. When you choose our campus you are not only choosing a place for your child to learn their core subjects, you are choosing a place that will help mold their character and give them a place to thrive. You are choosing a community that you will support as a family and a school that will have staff members ready to support you.
We take our role seriously and feel honored to serve our students and families. We are committed to creating engaging classrooms and fostering a kind social environment that will allow all students to feel safe and excited to learn. I am a parent at School of Science and Technology - Northwest and have three children who have attended our school over the past 8 years. I have been able to witness my children grow as individuals and get prepared for the rigorous classes of high school academics along with their peers.
Our campus is staffed with individuals who are dedicated to a common passion, serving students and making education fun. This shared passion drives everything we do. We ask all our students, staff and families to always show MAGIC (Moral Compass, Accountability, Generosity, Innovation, and Citizenship). We incorporate these core values in all we do because we strongly believe in nurturing academics and character in all children.
Innovation and student engagement drives our instruction and you can see that as you walk the halls of our school. Students and teachers engage in hands-on learning and use their environment to apply real-world examples to their lessons.
Serving the SST community over the past decade has been the highlight of my career and I look forward to continuing to work with our families and staff to create the best learning environment for our students here at the Narwhal Nation! 
Mrs. Jessica Romero