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School Procedures

School starts Monday, August 16th at 7:40 a.m. Our doors will open at 7:15 am. Parents for all students Prek-8th are welcome to escort students to class and take photos on the first day of school only but will be asked to keep their visit to less than 10 minutes to allow traffic to continue to flow in the building and parking lot. All parents in the building will be asked to leave by 7:35 a.m. to allow teachers and students time to establish new morning routines. Please remember that all visitors, students and staff over the age of 2 must wear a mask while in the building. We will update you if this changes.


We anticipate our parking lot to be busy and ask parents to please keep their visit brief and stay alert while driving.


Overview of the First Day of School:

  • Doors Open at 7:15 am.

  • Prek-2nd families will park and walk students into their assigned doors and directly to class. (See Map Below)

  • 3-8th families can pull around the school to the drop-off lane or may choose to park and walk students to class for the first day ONLY. (See Map Below)

  • Breakfast will be served on the first day of school starting at 7:15 a.m. for anyone choosing to eat in the school cafeteria.


Ready to Learn!: School starts at 7:40 a.m. It is important for all students to be ready for instruction. Students will be marked TARDY if they are not in class at 7:40 a.m.


Parents arriving at school after 7:40 a.m. must park and come into the school to sign their child in with the front office. Parents may not park in the fire lane and must park in a designated parking space.


All families will be assigned a Driveline number to help with the flow of traffic and help students get to you safe. Please be sure that anyone picking up your child is on the pick up list and has the driveline pass displayed or in their hand.

Staggered Dismissal Times
*All Prek-2nd Grade parents must park and walk up to the assigned doors for pick up.   
*Families with siblings in different dismissal times are asked to arrive at the time of their oldest student's schedule. Siblings will dismiss from the same door together. Please have your child's Driveline number ready for pick up.  ex. a 7th grade student with a preK sibling will not walk to their class until 3:10 NOT 2:50.  

*3-8th Grade parents should drive to the back of the school and display their Driveline number, unless you have a younger sibling in K-2nd.

Please see our bell schedules for more details.


  • Pre-K= 2:50 pm- 3:10 pm

  • Kinder- 2nd= 3:05- 3:25

  • 3-4th= 3:05-3:25 pm

  • 5-8th= 3:10-3:25 pm

Morning Drop Off Map

Afternoon Pick Up Map 

Early Check-Outs: For safety and academic reasons, students will not be checked out after 2:30 p.m. If your child has an appointment, please make plans to pick them up prior to 2:30 p.m. No exceptions will be made.

Late Pick-Up: The safety and security of our students is our number one priority. For this reason Pick-Up time is enforced for all students. If your child is not picked up by 3:35 p.m. they are considered Late Pick-Up. The following policy will be in effect beginning our first day of school.

Additional Information:
Our number one concern is your child’s safety and because of this, we have implemented the below policies.
  • Any visitor who wishes to enter the building or sign out a student MUST show a driver’s license or state photo I.D.
  • Parents must have appointments to meet with a teacher. You can make an appointment by emailing the teacher in ParentSquare.

  • Parents will not be allowed in the school building to go to lockers, classrooms, etc. without prior approval from a principal or teacher.